Here at 'wristies' we produce wristbands for many organisations throughout Great Britain.

Some of these companies use the wristbands for ID purposes, especially where there are children involved.

For instance a few of our clients manage large public areas and we supply wristbands in various colours with signature strips printed on them. This allows the supervisors to write on the mobile phone numbers of parents or guardians. Once on the wrist, the band cannot be removed, and if a child gets seperated from his carers then the mobile number can be contacted.

If this format is required it is sometimes not necessary to add any other printed words to the wristband, thus keeping down the cost, as the band will be used in a 'one off' situation.

Our bands are produced for a lot of outdoor events to aid entry control as non-transferable ticketing, such as motorbike shows, where the rider, the passenger (if there is one) and the bike are each provided with a numbered wristband, this allows for easier supervision of who is allowed entry and who should actually be on site.

We can supply sample wristbands free of charge.

We will set up the type content of the wristband and add your logos, if you can use Adobe Acrobat we can send you a pdf of the band showing positioning and size of text etc, all at not extra cost!