Consider 'wristies' wristbands for your party or special event. You may choose a location which requires your party people to being recognised. You also need to stop other people trying to enjoy your party! HOW?

'wristies' wristbands!! The cheapest and most economical way of controlling entry.

Our wristbands can be printed in eyecatching and holographic foils to stand out. We can offer bright neon coloured wristbands easily distinguishable in a crowd.

You can purchase our wristbands in many different colours, printed or un-printed, mix the colours if you require.

Our wristbands need to be cut-off, so they cannot be passed around a crowded area to try and gain entry.

Enjoy your party in the safe knowledge all your friends and colleagues are mixing with the right people.

We will also help in the design process or advise on design elements allowing us to produce the best wristband for your event.