Promotional product solutions

Our customers use custom printing for branding, sponsorship, special promotions, preventing counterfeits, and lots more.

Plastic wristbands are tear and stretch resistant, if the band or closure is tampered with it will become damaged and unusable which prevents transfer and increases security.

'wristies' SPARKLE or GLITZ wristbands are becoming our best seller due to their elegant and stylish display. This product is stretch resistant with an array of sparkle/glitter material. The combination of plastic and soft glittery material enhances durability and water resistance whilst still looking trendy and stylish. Wrist bands are guaranteed to make an impression on all your customers.

Our wristbands come in various colours including 'neon' and 3D holographic, all can be printed with eye-catching metallic colours.

We can also design or advise on design elements to ensure you get the best looking and most effective wristbands for your business.

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