Wristbands provide a simple and secure on-person identification and crowd/admission control to help prevent gatecrashers and therefore lost revenue. Choose from our wide selection of styles and colours. We also offer custom printing on all our wristbands to allow you to personalise them to your company, event or promotion.

Some key features of our Wristies wristbands are :-

· Plastic wristbands are waterproof and more durable and secure than Tyvek wristbands.

· Lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort.

· They are Ideal for multi-day use and/or rugged wear.

· Feature a locking plastic snap closure to prevent transfer.

· Standard plastic wristbands offer vibrant, solid colour for superb visibility and identification.

· Can be kept as souvenir of a memorable event such as a music festival

· Consecutive numbering and signature panels available

We can help with the design process or advise on design elements to ensure you get the best looking and most effective wristbands for your events.

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email: info@wristies.co.uk