The planning will be getting underway for your spring and summer events, here at 'Wristies' we supply many individuals and organisations throughout Great Britain with quality secure wristbands for their events.

If required we can number the wristbands or add signature strips for writing individual information on such as phone numbers etc, these type of wristbands we produce for many companies with large and varied areas of control difficulty especially where children are involved.

To help with identification procedures we can mix the colour of the wristbands within any order at no extra charge, therefore you can order a quantity of say a 100 wristbands and have 5 different colours of 20 bands each.

We can print eyecatching metallic foils on the wristbands but each different set of wording does carry an extra charge.

If you require we can design and set the type on a dummy band and send you a pdf (if you have Adobe Acrobat) showing position and size and style of typeface.