Because of the security aspect of our wristbands they can be used as a non-transferable ticket for event admission.

And because we can print on the bands, number them if necessary and add signature strips they are a flexible way of keeping control.

Once paid for the wristbands can be easily seen, as opposed to having to ask someone to dig into their pockets to produce a ticket.

There is virtually no chance of losing the wristbands as against ordinary paper tickets which can be dropped or thrown away by accident.

As an extra security feature we can add holographic images to the wristband if neccessay, but usually the holographic foils are only added to paper tickets to stop photocopying.

Entrance wristbands for all control situations are simple, efficient and speed up the admission process. 'wristies' are available in many different colours and materials for all types of activities and events and can be printed to personalise them to your needs.

We will organise the typesetting for your wording and add any logos you require, and send you a pdf showing the size and positioning on the wristband before committing to print.